Креш -тест резюме , випуск № 2 : Рекомендації Георгія Серебренникова

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Серію креш-тестів резюме на DOU продовжує Георгій Серебренников - герой одного з недавніх Профіт-Шоу і VP of engineering в компанії Grammarly, що переїхав до Києва після 25 років життя в США. В цьому випуску - розробники, QA, бізнес-аналітики, радіоінженер і дослідник.

George now has the floor.

Formatting Issues

  1. Most of resumes are at minimum three pages long. For some of them it is just a matter of formatting, resumes can be easily condensed into no more than two pages. Some of resumes have too much information that can be easily removed without any damage to the quality of information.
  2. All resumes do not have page numbering.
  3. Some resumes have inconsistent formatting (different fonts, spacing, positioning of similar information).


  1. Some people are listing as too many technologies under "skills". It is impossible to imagine that they know everything. For me, personally, it is a big red flag.

  2. People are listing some very basic packages under skills:

  3. Unclear Objectives (gives the impression that the person really does not know what he wants and will agree on anything):

  4. Personal Qualities - I really do not see the need for them:

  5. Use of words and unneeded information - use of phrases like "basic knowledge", "average complexity", etc., are absolutely counterproductive in resume. You are trying to sell yourself. There are different means to highlight level of expertise in particular technology (eg order in which skills are listed)

  6. Empty statements - statements providing no information at all:

  7. Copy and Paste descriptions from one position to another:

CV # 1

1. Bad formatting in general. Too many fonts of different sizes. Overall impression of the resume as written by sloppy person. By American standards you should never include date of birth. There is no value for "Relocation". Why is it there?

2. Should not be there.

3. Is it only international company you are targeting? Will you refuse the offer from domestic one? IT support engineer, analyst or related - gives the impression that you do not really know what is it you want, especially if you send the resume to particular company.

4. I would suggest the following order to describe a particular position:

5. What you are doing is highlighting the fact that you can not be interviewed in English - Why would you put negative and unnecessary information about yourself?

6. You should try to avoid stating absolutely obvious things. It is assumed that you have "excellent computer skills ..."

7. Most of info in the section are BS. My suggestion is to try to avoid BS. Strong Manager skills is important quality. However, where is the information about you management in description of the positions above?

8. In my mind it is absolutely unnecessary info.

CV # 2

1. Your resume should not be more than one, maximum two pages long. Everything you have on first two pages can be easily condensed into half of the page. My resume, of the person with 30 years of experience is 3 pages long. Yours is 4.

2. For me, the only useful information is an information about your language skills. Everything else is not important.

3. To be honest, I am not interested in that. I am interested only in your professional qualities.

4. Overall formatting suggestions:
4.1 When describing positions, provide info in the following order
a. Company name and dates of employment
b. Short company description
c. Your title/position
d. Short description of projects
e. Your achievements

4.2 Use different fonts/headers to separate one position from another

5. That phrase gives me no information at all, therefore it is useless.

6. Same as above.

CV # 3

1. What position are you looking for? Research Engineering? If so, I would clearly state that goal in "objective" section since it does not match your current position as software developer.

2. Personally I am interested only in skills developer is reasonably perfected. When I see full-page list of different languages, databases, tools, frameworks, my assumption (maybe wrong one) is that the person is trying to bs me. I would recommend cutting the list significantly. I also would suggest never include tools like Access, Word, Visio, Open Office, etc. Do not state obvious.

3. I would suggest putting a free space between logical sections, like different positions. Document looks very crowded.

4. You are considering yourself a experienced developer. How the description here is different from what Junior Developer may provide? I do not think "Settled all kind of issues ..." cut it.

5. To save space and shorten the resume, I would suggest:
a. Have only one position: Lead Developer (you do not need to specify promotion date)
b. List both projects with short description for each
c. Provide overall description of responsibility (both projects combined into one)

d. Combine "tools" section of both projects into one

6. I would not include Lyceum into your resume.

7. You can have your publications listed in separate document. In your resume you can simply put: over XX scientific publications.

8. You may consider to remove awards you received 10 years ago +.

CV # 4

1. I like your resume. It has all the elements needed. However, in my experience Technical Writer and Business Analyst are very different positions. You may want to consider two slightly different resumes: one highlighting your experience as technical writer and another your skills as a business analyst. The fact that you are not sure which one, may negatively affect your chances for both.

You may also want to consider a separate section "Skills and Experience" to provide short summary of your qualifications.

2. Everyone is writing the same things about analytical mind, attention to details, etc. No employer will ever pay attention to that. It is useless section.

3. Unless companies you are applying to, constantly wasting your time by offering you significantly less that you are willing to accept, I would not put my salary expectations in the resume.

CV # 5

1. Some English language issues.

Formatting issues:

2. The information like that included in the resume will trigger the following questions:

What is it she really wants? If she really qualifies for team Lead, why would she consider Senior QA engineer

3. Word "enforcement" has some negative connotation. Consider to change.

4. I would suggest grouping your duties as a team lead and your duties as individual contributor. # 1, 10, 11 vs. anything else.

Everything described as duties is a very basic stuff associated with position of QA Engineer. More than that, the same "duties" are repeated over and over again for the positions below. Your description will look exactly as descriptions of others. Consider creating summary section and describing some basics there. Try to describe something unique about each position/each project, highlighting your abilities, intelligence, and experience.

5. Basic means what? You did read about it? Consider to rephrase it.

6. What does it mean: is the scrum the only one you know, or the only one you worked with? Consider to rephrase it.

7. Personally I am trying to avoid "empty" phrases. What did you actually do: Hired people, fired people, etc.? What being effective means? How were they ineffective before you?

8. The same empty phrase: what improvement did you introduce?

CV # 6

1. I am not a specialist in Radio engineering, but my overall impression is positive. I would recommend the following:

2. Some English language issues. Never use word "basic" - you are trying to sell yourself. It is the same as to say: I know very little about the subject. Statement "... knowledge of database and MS SQL" - is wrong.

3. I automatically assume that you know basic packages. There is no need to state the obvious

4. You are applying for technical position. Your advanced level is assumed.

5. I really do not see the need for them.

CV # 7

1. I liked overall format. Below are suggestions:

2. There is nothing under skills to suggest your qualification specifically for Architect Position. Consider adding some additional skills.

3. You are a senior person. Why do you need to list under "strongest skills" such a basic things.

CV # 8

1. Overall resume creates the impression of junior support engineer with very little if any experience other than fixing bugs. If that is a goal - ok. If not, I would suggest adding more meat.

2. What is it you want: Web Developer or Java Developer or both at the same time? In my mind it creates uncertainty if you know what you want, or maybe you would agree on anything. If you must include objective (I typically do not), then maybe you should use something like "... where my extensive technical skills can by fully utilized "

3. Even if your intention is to highlight your support role, it doesn't work, so I would suggest rephrasing it. If it is not your intention, I do not see the difference between skills described in # 1-2 and # 3-4.

4. For me "Strong knowledge" and "Good knowledge" creates the impression that one is better then another. I am not sure that was an intent.

5. I would rephrase the "Eagle eye ..." to something more appropriate: Extensive experience designing user-friendly interfaces.

6. I do not understand the sentence at all. I can guess, but I would recommend to change it.

7. You are mixing new functionality, changes, and bug fixes all in one. I know that you did fix bugs, and implemented changes. Every developer does. You should not even mention it, unless it is your MAIN job. I am interested in how complicated was the project and how significant was your contribution. I am not getting it from the resume. As I stated above, the overall impression is as a junior "bug-fixer". You may want to change that.

8. I would recommend to include link to website and short description of the company for each company.

9. I would recommend combining all 3 different projects for the same company into single section. Otherwise it gives the impression of 3 different short-term jobs. I also would recommend including only one title. Otherwise it brings the question: why downgrade from team lead to java developer

10. Word "unemployed" is bad word to use in your resume.

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