Креш -тест резюме , випуск № 6: Коментарі Георгія Серебренникова

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Після першого тижня, насиченою креш-тестами , ми вирішили трохи зменшити темп: тепер нові випуски будуть виходити двічі на тиждень, по вівторках і четвергах. Сьогодні "сеанс чорної магії з повним викриттям" знову проводить Георгій Серебренников, VP of Engineering в Grammarly (дізнатися більше про це експерта можна з Профіт-Шоу XIV ).

Нагадаємо, що якщо ви хочете отримати коментарі та рекомендації щодо покращення вашого власного резюме, ви можете надіслати його за адресою crashtestcv@dou.ua.

CV # 1

  1. It is a badly formatted and constructed resume. Where is education section?

  2. That information should be right under "Experience" header, together with start/end dates, and short company description.

  3. Please remove that. How do you know: I may like people who drink, play cards and love women. :-) Winston Churchill used to say: He has all the virtues I despise and none of the vices I admire.

CV # 2

I did like the format overall. Few suggestions below.

  1. I do not understand "Android" section. Is it your pet-project? In that case I would put it below the real employment history. If you want to highlight your knowledge of Android development, then create a section "SKILLS" and list Android development there together with System Administration, Management, and Programming skills and experiences. In any case, I would remove "1 year". Simply "Experience in Android development" sounds much nicer.
  2. I do not see the reason to have the same company listed 3 times. You can simply have the name and the highest (I assume the last) position. If you want to highlight the fact that you were promoted multiple times, just put the name of the company once with dates: June - 2007 to Present, and list your promotion dates below:
    • March 2011 - Sr. Sys Admin
    • Feb 2009 - Leading Sys Admin
    • June 2007 - Sys Admin
  3. Write a short company description.
  4. Unneeded BS.
  5. "Available upon request" is not needed.

CV # 3

  1. I like the resume. I am used to slightly nicer formatting and Word documents, but resume contains all required information.

  2. You are claiming C # experience, and yet there is no trace of it in your work experience. People some times look for such inconsistencies. Consider to revise.

  3. Consider to separate company description from your participation. Right now all is blurred into one.

  4. Typical BS.

CV # 4

  1. I love the way resume is formatted. It is nice, clean, sharp. The only issue I see: From your resume I do not understand what is it do you want? Is it full time position, part time position while you are in university, or freelance position.

  2. Basically the same question as above. What does the subdivision into primary and secondary languages ??means? Are you interested in the position utilizing only "primary languages" or you are just simply highlighting level of expertise and are open for projects in Java? If the latter, consider to rewrite.

CV # 5

  1. My comments will be mostly around formatting. Current employer section and designation should have start date and should be grouped together with "Last projects" section. Current employer section should be placed after Career Objective, Career summary, and Technical and Professional skills.

  2. If you listing both BS and MS degrees, you should also specify years of graduation for both.

  3. It will be significantly more interesting if you put some of "key competencies" not in the separate section where I do not think they have any meaning, but under projects as highlights of your activities. E.g. instead of "result and time oriented" and "able to work with minimum guidance", you can write under projects something like that: Being responsible for development of control system and software for the wind generator, I worked with minimum supervision and was able to successfully deliver the project on time and budget.

CV # 6

  1. Very nicely formatted resume. Standard formatting suggestion to include page numbering.

  2. With statement like that i do not see the need for the section at all.

  3. Provide short description of the company, including link. I would just copy and paste it from company website. Describe project or projects

  4. Why would you list OS? Are you highlighting that you do not have experience with OS X Snow Leopard?

  5. It is very important responsibilities for a tester. I would never characterize them as "additional". You should rephrase it.

  6. I do not understand what it means. It is empty statement

  7. That is part of management responsibilities. Consider highlighting it. It will give you extra bonus.

  8. Please reformat that. It looks like part of your job above, not an independent job.

  9. I am not a fun of the section in general, but if you must, I would remove "experience in organizing student projects". You are not in school and not in BEST anymore.

CV # 7

  1. Три сторінки резюме я легко можу стиснути в одну.

  2. Are you looking for front end developer position only?

  3. Is that kind of job you are looking for? You would not agree on anything else?

  4. Proficiency with Python scripting would be better. "Basic skills", to me, means you know next to nothing

  5. That tells me a lot. I know few people who did that and they impress the hell out of me. In your resume it is kind off hidden. You need to highlight your education section some how. Maybe even put "Stanford Online Classes" as a separate section after education.

  6. I do not understand that section: are you a freelancer? But even so, didn't you work for somebody? Is it your student projects?

CV # 8

  1. Overall initial visual impression looking at the web version of your resume is very positive. Nicely done, clean, has all the elements. But as a hiring manager, I need to have your resume on file. When I saved as word document, your resume lost all "sharpness" of online version. I would highly recommend to have nicely formatted Word version. The first three positions must be significantly reworked. Now they are very "unimpressive".

  2. Same very typical BS found in almost every single resume

  3. It is just too much for me. Consider to provide overall level of your English proficiency

  4. Consider including link to the company websites and short description of the companies. If I am interested in your resume, I will be doing the research, and by including such info, you will make my life slightly easier

  5. I did not know what the ring back tone was, until I found it in your resume. It is obviously issue of my, but consider to provide slightly more detailed description.

  6. That is absolutely useless description. Does not provide any information at all.

  7. "Development of the whole system from scratch" description does not match very well with the "implementing new features" sentence, few lines above

  8. I would use some special section for your pet project. In any case, I can guarantee that some managers (including me) will be concern with amount of time you will spend on it.

  9. Interacting with the customer is not achievement, it is your responsibility.

  10. My absolutely subjective opinion: Your education is so unusual and interesting, that I would put it on top of your resume.

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