24 грудня, Київ - Week- end full - stack JavaScript with Poker and Poetess

Participation is free after registration
The number of places is limited .

You are invited to participate in technical event for JavaScript Developers . Real - time coding of small , but useful application upon Polymer and Web Components concepts . The whole application will be implemented using JavaScript stack of technologies . All participants can follow presenters on their notebooks and develop their own application . Workshop is :
- Interesting for those , who follow up last trends in Web Components , and would like to practice or share knowledge with colleagues
- Useful for people , who like to use bunch of sexy build tools for Front - End and want to see another pretty example
- Helpful for person , who has novice experience in full - stack JavaScript development to increase skills in this approach Our trainers :
- Oleg Gomozov
Senior Front - End Developer with four years ' experience in web projects for portable and mobile devices . Expert in many HTML5 API and W3C trends . Trainer and speaker of domestic and corporate events dedicated to front - end topics , responsive design , etc . - Pavel Evsegneev
Full - stack Web Developer with four years ' experience in enterprise and open - source web projects . Experienced in creating challenging web - applications for JavaScript developers . Takes part in JavaScript popularization among software engineers . As for participation in this event feel free to contact us :
Skype : julson_julson
Phone : 0678359865

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