22 - 24 листопада, Прага - GOTO Prague 2011 Conference

GOTO Prague is a vendor independent software development conference - made for developers by developers presentingthe industry's best speakers. Our goal is to give the softwaredevelopment community a high quality conference with unique learning, discussion and networking opportunties.

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With the promotion code "ua-special" you will only pay EUR 999 instead of EUR 1'460 for the 2 days conference plus 1 day training plus 3 nights Conference Hotel in Prague!

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TheConference takes place in Prague, Czech Republic and includes: 2 conference days and 1 tutorial day with more than 20 + Presentation Sessionsby International Experts and Authors.


Attila Szegedi - Software Engineer, Twitter
Bart J.F. De Smet - Software Development Engineer on the SQL Cloud Programmability team, Microsoft
Benjamin Mitchell - Systems Thinking, Lean and Kanban for Software Product Development
Dmitry Buzdin - JUG Leader Latvia
Erich Gamma - Distinguished Engineer, Microsoft
Evgeny Shadchnev - Software Developer, Forward
Geertjan Wielenga - Principal Product Manager, Oracle
Heiko Seeberger - Director Professional Services, Typesafe
Jakub Podle??k - Software Developer, Oracle
Katherine Kirk - Project Manager, BBC
Martin Matula - Senior Development Manager, Oracle
Mathias Meyer - Infrastructure Mad Man
Matthew Caine - Infonic
Michael Heinrichs - Technical Lead JavaFX Core Components, Oracle
Nandini Ramani - Vice President of Development at Oracle
Robert Virding - Principal Language Expert, Erlang Solutions Ltd
Steve Vinoski - Architect at Basho
Traian Kaiser - Director Project Management, XING
V?clav Pech - Senior Software Developer and Technology Evangelist at JetBrains

Zuzana Sochova - Managing Director, Agile & Scrum Trainer, Consultant & Coach, LOTOFIDEA

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